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Month: March 2017

Loans with Monthly Payments: Bad Credit Cash Loans to Your Door

When you’ve got a very bad credit history, finding someone who’s prepared to lend you money can be extremely difficult. This is because money lenders perform a credit search to underwrite the risk of default and decide what interest rate to charge new customers. Missed and late payments regularly lead to a decline.

Loans with monthly payments aren’t widely available because most creditors don’t want to take on the risk, but they are available from doorstep loan companies. They not only offer credit when other lenders have said no, they offer customers easy and affordable repayment terms, albeit at a higher APR.

How to Get Bad Credit Doorstep Loans with No Credit Checks

You can either apply for a doorstep same day loans online, over the phone or in person. If you prefer the personal touch, you can arrange an appointment with a local agent within 3 days. They’ll run through all the paperwork, advise you how things work, arrange payment and even collect the repayments from you on a weekly basis.

Doorstep lenders aren’t concerned with your past credit problems, they’re more interested in your ability to repay the money you owe. You don’t need a full-time job. Cash loans for unemployed people are available, provided that you’re able to prove that the repayments are affordable to you.

Bad Credit Loans with Monthly Payments for Up to £500

Even if you’re a completely new customer, you can borrow up to £500 and spread the repayments over 52 weeks. Once you’ve proven that you’re a reliable and dependable customer, you may be able to get a quick cash advance for up to £2,500 over up to 108 weeks.

Typical Examples of the Cost of Cash Loans to Your Door:

  • A £400 fast cash advance over 33 weeks from Greenwood Personal Credit costs £20 per week. You’ll repay a total of £660 at a typical APR of 433.4%.
  • A £500 doorstep cash loan over 52 weeks from Provident Personal Credit will cost you £17.50 per week. You’ll repay a total of £910 at a typical APR of 272.2%.

Consequences of Defaulting on Cash Loans to Your Door

Doorstep companies appreciate that they are lending money to people with past credit indiscretions. People who take out bad credit loans with monthly repayments regularly experience financial difficulties. If you find yourself unable to pay, it’s better to talk to them to find out how they’re able to help you.

Unlike a loan from a pawn shop, loans to you door are completely unsecured so you won’t lose any personal property. However, interest and charges will continue to accrue. If your local agent is unable to collect payment from you, your account will be passed to a debt collection agency.

Don’t borrow money that you can’t afford to repay. If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to keep-up with the repayments on different credit agreements and bills, you should seek advice from a free credit counseling service. There may be better solutions to your money problems.

Controlling the Future of Your Credit Cards

Getting Your Credit Card Debt Under Control

I know you have heard it before, but it needs repeating…Pay off your credit card every month! Don’t use your card except for emergencies. Why give the credit card companies your hard earned money? That is what you are doing every month that you pay them interest.

Make sure you are not paying an annual fee for a credit card. Any annual fee is too much. There are lots of card companies out there that do not charge a fee to have one of their cards.

If you have credit card debt, then the first thing you need to do is check to see if you can transfer any and all balances to the lowest interest card. This way you can make one payment at a low interest and save money. This is the only time that it is recommended to get another card. If you can get a card that does not charge to transfer balances and you can get it at a zero interest rate for even a year, this will save you money if you transfer your balances and then make sure you pay them off.

Did you know most “Gold Cards” come with an annual fee. Read the small print if you are offered a Gold card because you might find it not worth the extra cost.

Now is not the time to be in credit card debt. Pay off your smallest credit card balance first and then work your way through your credit cards, cutting them up as you pay them off.

Go over your credit card bill with a fine tooth come. Make sure the charges on there are your charges. If they aren’t, you need to contact the credit card company immediately.

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